NEW – 46” LED TV!

Tuesday August 20, 2013

NEW – 46” LED TV! Give your guests the spotlight on the big screen!

With the LED TV, the photos taken with the Frenzy Booth will be on display on our big screen for all to enjoy!  As photos are shot, they’ll be added to a Live Slideshow that all your guests can admire and be inspired by.  If you choose a closed curtain set up (Intimate Air Affair or the Modern Air Affair) guests in the Booth will get to take their photos privately, and surprise the guests outside with their photos, whether they’re classic, silly or breathtaking!


The LED TV can be used to show your own photos too! Give us a USB key prepped with images of your choosing.  For a WEDDING, display photos of the happy couple through years with their loved ones.  For a CORPORATE event, feature your products and services in high definition. For a REUNION share the “Before” photos of your guests... and use the Frenzy Booth to capture the “Afters”! The possibilities are endless. We are certain this new option will be an event favorite!


Download the document (PDF format)

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