Discover our new Frenzy Booth Social Media Kiosk

Tuesday July 1, 2014

Discover our new Frenzy Booth Social Media Kiosk Share your memories with your loved ones – Instantly!

We are proud to introduce our new Frenzy Booth Social Media Kiosk , which allows your guests to share their Frenzy Booth photos immediately with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and Email. Thanks to our mobile high speed internet connection and user-friendly interface, it takes only seconds to share timeless memories with anyone around the world!


You can use the Social Media Kiosk to create a buzz for your event!  Sharing your photos immediately can help boost your event’s profile – if potential visitors see photos of your guests having a blast, they’re far more likely to come join in on the fun!  Once the pictures are shared, people can like, repost and comment on your photos, fueling a conversation about your special celebration. Show the world through the social media that your event is the place to be!


And of course, some invitees must send their regrets, but with the Frenzy Booth, they can still join in on the fun!  Keep them in the loop by sharing photos instantly. It’s the next best thing to being there in person!  Plus, the photos shared online will last forever, even if prints are misplaced or damaged.


And don’t worry, our tech-savvy assistant will always be around to help guests learn to use the technology – that way, everyone can enjoy the Frenzy Booth!

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