Tuesday July 23, 2013

WHY BOOK THE FRENZY BOOTH FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT? The Frenzy Booth is the perfect addition to your party!

It’s a fun activity that brings people together, allows you to instantly share your celebration with friends and family and creates keepsake photos that your guests will keep close to their hearts.  

Because there’s no photographer, people relax in front of the camera creating genuine, candid photos that bring out the best in everyone. Plus the silly prop box lets guests of all ages get creative and laugh together. 


Thanks to our modern technology, guests can share their photos immediately online, and you’ll get all your photos on a Frenzy Tours USB key after the event. The photos are posted online within 24 hours in a password protected gallery so that your guests can all relive the fun.  


Your guests will leave with beautiful pictures, a souvenir of your event that will last for years to come. Each print will come with a personalized logo that brings your party’s theme to life.  They’re the ultimate party favor, a keepsake that everyone will cherish.


Our flexible packages allow you to pick from the many colours, set ups and hourly rates that suit your party’s needs. Frenzy Booth provides personalized, high quality service.


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